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Which 3 Nashville Neighborhoods are Most Walkable?

If you’re relocating to Nashville and you want a walkable neighborhood, you’re in luck. The city is filled with wonderful places to call home where you can walk to the store, walk to restaurants, walk to parks and walk to several other places.

Walking can help to keep you from putting so many miles on your car. Even when you do need to drive, living in a walkable neighborhood usually means you don’t have to drive very far. Plus, walking is just good exercise.

Searching for the right walkable neighborhood in Nashville can be a bit of a challenge. Hiring the right real estate agent will help. In addition, you should consider these three top walkable neighborhoods in Nashville.

The Gulch

Want to be right in the middle of the action? If so, The Gulch is certainly your neighborhood. This Nashville neighborhood is filled with office space, renovated warehouses, upscale restaurants and so much more. It has become a modern and contemporary place to live and it’s super walkable.

As one of the hottest Downtown Nashville neighborhood, The Gulch provides plenty of new developments. You’ll find high-rise condo buildings, urban lofts and plenty more here. Some of the properties are the most sought after in the entire city.

Throughout The Gulch, you will find plenty of dining options, shopping choices, and nightlife. The neighborhood is filled with entertainment and you can walk to most of it. If you work downtown, you can easily get to work without having to spend much time commuting, too.

Belmont/Hillsboro Village

With so many historic homes, shopping options and restaurants, it doesn’t get much better than Belmont/Hillsboro Village. This is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in all of Nashville. It’s also home to Belmont University.

There is a four-block area well-known for the restaurants, boutiques and shopping options, which is super easy to stroll through. The university area is filled with cafes and restaurants, as well. The entire neighborhood is very easy to walk and you’re sure to enjoy life if you choose to call the Belmont/Hillsboro Village area home.

East End

Of course, the very popular East End cannot be left off the list. This very walkable neighborhood provides plenty of historic homes and features throughout. Many of the historic homes have been renovated and many homes are found just a few minutes from the park or art galleries.

The East End offers plenty of culture and incredible dining throughout. It’s known as the artsy area of East Nashville and provides a residential neighborhood with bungalow homes, historic single-family homes and plenty more.

Choosing the right neighborhood when you relocate to Nashville matters. You want to make sure you choose a neighborhood fitting for you. Hiring the right Nashville real estate agent will help as they will know the neighborhoods and what to expect in each.

Of course, if you prefer a walkable neighborhood in Nashville, these three are the very best you will find. They are all unique but provide an easy place to get around by foot or by car.

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