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Top Home Staging Tips to Use Before Putting Your Home on the Market

One of the most important parts of selling your Nashville home is the listing pictures. Since about 95% of home buyers will first find your home online, the pictures you use for the listing matter. They make the first impression and you want that impression to be amazing!

Staging your home before you have the pictures taken is vital. Staging isn’t just for the open house or for showings. It’s also for the listing pictures. Here are some of the best tips to use when staging your Nashville home for sale.

Light it Up/Keep it Comfortable

Your electric bill should cost more than normal when selling your home. You want to light up the home and leave on all the lights in case of a showing. You should also be keeping the temperature comfortable at all times. You never know when a showing will happen and the light makes a huge difference.


Home Staging Tips

Have the carpets cleaned, the windows cleaned and everything else. Even great listing pictures can show stains on carpet or can be disappointing when the property doesn’t completely match the pictures.

Look Through the Buyer’s Eyes

Stand in the doorway of every room and look at it through the eyes of the buyer. This will help to ensure you’re seeing the room the way they will and can help make staging easier.

Eliminate the Unnecessary

Nobody likes a cluttered space and many people feel claustrophobic in a cluttered space. If it’s not necessary, take it out of the house.

Landscaping Matters

It won’t add value to the home, but it will certainly add curb appeal. Hire a professional to provide great landscaping for the front and back of the home. Make sure your grass remains mowed, while your home is listed, too.

Paint the Front Door and Trim

If the front area of your home needs repainted or updated, do it. This will add plenty of curb appeal and will allow your home to look the best in the pictures. Sometimes, painting the front door can really add to the entrance way and to the curb appeal.

Some of the other things you can do to make sure the home is staged properly include:

  • Clean the fireplace
  • Replace broken light switches or outlet covers
  • Repaint any wall cracks or ceiling cracks
  • Remove all valuable items
  • Cut back on the books on the shelves
  • Remove family pictures and family items
  • Get rid of any sign of pets
  • Keep the kitchen sink clean
  • Clean the stove top and the oven
  • Empty the garbage regularly
  • Make all the beds
  • Keep all counters and sinks empty and clean
  • Pressure wash your deck
  • Sweep walks, patios, porches, and decks
  • Repair broken fences
  • Set up a room setting with outdoor furniture

If you use these tips, you’ll be better set up for listing pictures, open houses, and showings. It can also be very helpful to hire a professional stager, if possible.

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