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Top 5 Luxury Home Trends for 2019

Every year, new trends are seen in the luxury home space. Whether it’s a decorating trend, a remodeling trend, or another type of trend, there’s always something new.

The prices of luxury homes during the final quarter of 2018 rose about 4.7% across the nation. While some trends, such as the rising values, seem to stay the same, others don’t. Here’s a look at five of the top luxury home trends for 2019.

Smart Security

Luxury Home Trends

One of the biggest home trends across all markets is smart devices. Specifically, with luxury homes, buyers tend to expect a home to have a smart security system. They want to be able to secure their home, but also control things, such as lights, the swimming pool, air conditioning, and even the fireplace right from their smart device.

High tech safes found hidden in closets have also become very popular when it comes to smart security. These safes allow for a different level of protection and the ability to unlock or lock right from your smart device.

Twin Features

Another big luxury home design trend for 2019 is the trend towards having two of something instead of just one. Twin ovens, twin dishwasher, twin washers and dryers, and twin stoves are becoming very popular in luxury homes. It makes sense as you won’t have to wait for clothes or dishes to get done to start the next batch, especially if you do a large amount of entertaining in your home.


A luxury home trend that never goes out of style is privacy. Those with the cash to afford to spend $1 million or more on a home prefer privacy and they can afford it.

These buyers want gates, walls, hedges, and fences to ensure nobody can see inside their property. Chain link fences are not enough when it comes to the luxury home market.

Guest Suites

Luxury home buyers are looking for a home that also has a guest suite. It doesn’t have to be detached, but an en-suite with a bathroom and kitchen or kitchenette is preferred.

This is due to the number of luxury homeowners that want to have a live-in nanny or maid. These buyers may also want the guest suite for friends or family when they visit. The extra space may also be converted into a home office or a gym if the new owner prefers.

Smaller Swimming Pools

Smaller Swimming Pool

While luxury home buyers almost always expect a swimming pool, the big deep swimming pools taking up the entire backyard are a thing of the past. Most buyers want a smaller plunge pool that is a bit like a large hot tub.

A big part of this trend is the want/need for a larger backyard. If the pool is taking up a large amount of the space, there isn’t much room left for anything else.

These are just five of the top luxury home trends for 2019. While luxury homes are rising in value, the buyers have specific expectations. These trends highlight just a few things luxury home buyers are seeking in their next home.

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