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Protecting the Buyer During a Home Inspection

After making an offer, you will enter into a phase where you will set up financing and get all your ducks in a row. This time-frame includes a home inspection, which will show you what may or may not be wrong with the home.

You want to make sure you have a good Nashville Real Estate Agent to help protect you during a home inspection. Many things can be found on this inspection that could be expensive to fix or could be very minor. Here are a few ways your agent will help to protect you.

Recommend a Professional

Your agent will likely have relationships with some of the best Nashville home inspectors. While you get to choose who to hire, you can take their recommendation and hire a professional home inspector to ensure you get the best inspection possible.

Understand the Possibilities

There are several things that could show up from major issues to minor repairs. Even if it’s a condo you’re looking at, the home inspection could show plenty of issues.

Often, you will find plumbing issues on the home inspection, which could be due to older fixtures or poor home maintenance. If there’s a leak, you want to have this fixed before you buy the home. In addition, home inspections may show degrading roof material or roof issues. This is another issue you need to have fixed before buying the home.

Your agent will use these issues as negotiating tools to either get you a better price or have the seller pay for the repair before the deal closes.

Negotiating After the Home Inspection

Your agent will protect you by helping through the negotiations after the home inspection has been completed. They may negotiate a better price for the home, but they may also be able to get the issue fixed before you move into the home. Some issues may be very minor, but they do add up and your agent will know how to protect you throughout this part of the home buying process.

Just because a home inspection comes back with issues showing up doesn’t mean you should skip on the home. Let your Nashville real estate agent give you solid advice to help you decide how to proceed.

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