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    Consider These Three Top Townhouse Communities in the Green Hills Neighborhood

    By Clay Kelton | September 5, 2018

    If you’ve decided you want to live in the Green Hills neighborhood, but you don’t really want a traditional house, you’re in luck. This Nashville neighborhood has plenty of townhouses and three of these townhouse communities are highly desirable. Here’s a look at the three best townhouse communities in the Green Hills neighborhood. Arden Place... Read More

    Top Nashville Condo Buildings with Great Amenities

    By Clay Kelton | August 31, 2018

    Nashville is filled with great condo buildings offers plenty of amenities and amazing living spaces. However, some of the buildings provide better amenities than others. When you’re looking for a Nashville condo building with great amenities, you need to know what you’re looking for. Decide which amenities are most important before you start searching. Here... Read More

    Top Reasons People are Relocating to Nashville

    By Clay Kelton | August 28, 2018

    With the Nashville housing market and the economy booming for nearly seven years now, it’s not a secret anymore; Nashville is a great place to call home. Many people from all over the country are considering Nashville and thousands move here every year. There are some very specific reasons why so many people have decided... Read More

    Where are the Best Burgers in Nashville Found?

    By Clay Kelton | August 25, 2018

    Nashville offers a great food scene and there’s no shortage of burgers. However, when you want the best burger in town, you need to know where to go. Here are a few of the top spots for a great burger in Nashville. Burger Republic One of the best places in Nashville for a burger is... Read More

    Nashville Condo Buildings with Amazing Pool Decks

    By Clay Kelton | August 21, 2018

    There are several high-rise condo buildings throughout Nashville. Many of these buildings offer great amenities including a pool deck. If you’re searching for the perfect condo for you and one of the things you really want is an amazing pool deck, you need to know where to look. Here are a few condo buildings in... Read More

    Which Tours are the Best in Nashville, Tennessee?

    By Clay Kelton | August 16, 2018

    Whether you just arrived in Nashville for a visit or you just relocated to Nashville, the tours of the city are a great way to see what the Music City offers. There are several great options for some of the top tour companies in the country. You can choose from guided tours by foot, bike,... Read More

    Where are the Most Expensive Homes in Nashville Found?

    By Clay Kelton | August 13, 2018

    Nashville is home to several celebrities, especially in the Country Music industry. Many of these celebrities own some of the most expensive homes in Nashville. However, the expensive homes in Nashville are not just those owned by celebrities. If you’re seeking a luxury home in Nashville, you need to know where to look. Maybe you... Read More

    Top Spots for Vintage Shopping in East Nashville

    By Clay Kelton | August 9, 2018

    Nashville offers several vintage shopping options with some of the best found in East Nashville. Whether you live in this neighborhood or you’re just looking to enjoy it for the day, you need to know where to go for all your vintage goods. East Nashville is home to several vintage clothing shops, furniture stores and... Read More

    Top Downtown Nashville Condos with a View

    By Clay Kelton | August 6, 2018

    Downtown Nashville offers some of the best condo buildings in the city.  It’s filled with high-rise options offering great views. If you’re relocating to Nashville or you’re moving downtown and you want a view, here are some of the very best options. Icon in the Gulch This 22-story building offers plenty of great views to... Read More

    Tips for Selling a Nashville Home with a Pool

    By Clay Kelton | August 4, 2018

    A pool can be a great thing to have with your home, especially in the summer. Offering hours of play for the children and a way to cool off, many homeowners seek a Nashville home with a pool. When it comes time to sell your home, however, it could be a potential liability for some... Read More